Hove Gelato comes from a passion for all things pudding. All Hove Gelato is made by Zoe Rodgers, above one of her pubs, The Railway Inn next to Portslade train station.

Zoe’s love of puddings,  ice cream, and gelato started in her childhood. It has evolved through her enjoyment of cooking and experimenting in the creation of wacky and inventive puddings available on her pubs desert menus. She has spent several years studying and understanding the process of making gelato. Part of this involved spending time in Bologna, Italy, where she learnt the art of gelato making with other people from around the world who shared the same passion.

With the hectic life style of running 3 business, Zoe finds her relaxed happy place is an early Saturday morning session of making gelato, listening to radio 6 music, and being creative with new tastes and flavours.

Hove Gelato is available at all 3 of Zoe’s pubs ( The Railway Inn, The George Payne & The Poets Ale & Smoke House) so come check us out some time.